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Foamfrax Insulation

Foamfrax HD Insulation

Foamfrax HD Insulation is a four-component system of specially conditioned bulk ceramic fibers, an inorganic binder, an organic foaming binder, and a clay additive providing installation efficiency, low rebound, low thermal conductivity, low thermal shrinkage, low heat storage, good chemical resistance and excellent thermal shock resistance.

Foamfrax Insulation

Foamfrax Insulation is a three-component system of specially conditioned bulk ceramic or soluble fibers, an inorganic binder, and an organic foaming binder. The installation process combines the bulk fiber material with the inorganic and organic binders in a patented mixing mechanism creating a homogeneous foam/fiber mixture with uniform monolithic structure and excellent thermal insulating properties.

Foamfrax RG (Refractory Grade) Insulation

Foamfrax RG (Refractory Grade) Insulation is a combination of refractory ceramic fiber, refractory cement, and a high-temperature binder solution combined in the field using the proprietary Foamfrax process and resulting in a high-density, ceramic fiber based material engineered for refractory backup lining applications.

Furnace Hardware

Fiberwall Alloy Stud and Washer Assemblies

Fiberwall alloy stud and washer assemblies, used as anchors in layered lining systems, are available in standard and nonstandard sizes.

Fiberwall Ceramic Bearing Ring

The ceramic bearing ring is used in higher temperature layered lining applications when added bearing support is required.

Fiberwall Ceramic Cuplocks

When hot face temperatures exceed 1093°C (2000°F), but are below 1149°C (2100°F), the ceramic cuplock retainer can be employed to extend the recommended operating temperature of the 601 Inconel stud to 1149°C (2100°F).

Fiberwall Ceramic Whistle Stud Assembly

The ceramic whistle stud assembly is comprised of an adjustable whistle (or base), a high-alumina spike and a ceramic washer.

Fiberwall Stackstuds

Stackstud type anchors are required in the construction of stackbond lining systems. Stackbond linings consist of layers of blanket strips, or folded blanket battens, stacked together and simultaneously impaled and compressed over the stackstud anchor. Both blanket strips and folded blanket battens are compressed about 25% when installed. Stackstuds are available in standard alloy grades 304SS and 310SS. 601 Inconel is available by special request.

Hefty-Loc Anchor Assembly

The Hefty-Loc anchor assembly is a multipurpose, two component anchor used as stackstuds in the construction of stackbond lining systems or in the construction of Fiberwall Hefty-Loc bonded modular lining systems.

Fyre Wrap

Aerospace Heat-Shields

Unifrax materials are incorporated into soft and metallic heat-shields used in the aerospace industry to provide thermal (operating conditions) and fire protection insulation.

Burnthrough Cover Film – FyreWrap Combi-Film 3G11

FyreWrap Combi-Film 3G11 is a lightweight, durable, heat-sealable insulation blanket cover film used as a flame barrier to meet Aircraft Fuselage Burnthrough Regulations.

Chimney System

Blanket insulation is utilized between double-walled stainless steel chimneys to minimize heat loss through the chimney and to maintain optimum draft. The insulation keeps the outer wall of the chimney cool enabling the system to be installed at reduced clearances to combustibles.

Dryer and Plenum Insulation

Unifrax FyreWrap DPS achieves a one-hour, fire-resistance-rated enclosure for routing dryer ductwork through rated wood truss/joist construction. The lightweight core insulation uses a high temperature insulation blanket to provide a single layer enclosure around dryer and residential kitchen exhaust ductwork.

Expansion Joint Fire Barriers

Product forms including papers, FyreWrap XFP expanding paper and blankets are incorporated into fire barriers and used in conjunction with expansion joint cover plates to prevent fire spread through joint openings.

Fire Retardant Paints, Coatings, and Mastics

  • Fire retardant paints
  • Fire resistive paints, coatings
  • High temperature protective coatings
  • Mastics
  • Adhesives
  • Thick film coatings
  • Fire protective materials
  • Intumescent coatings

FyreWrap 0.5 Plenum Insulation

FyreWrap 0.5 Plenum Insulation is a high temperature single-layer insulation blanket used to wrap the combustible items in the plenum area.

FyreWrap Cable Insulation

Unifrax’s FyreWrap Cable Insulation is a thin, flexible, insulation wrap designed to provide a fire-protective enclosure around cable trays and conduit.

FyreWrap Elite 1.5 Duct Insulation

A single layer flexible duct wrap enclosure for 1 and 2-hour fire-rated air distribution systems designed as an alternate to code prescribed fire-rated shafts.

FyreWrap Marine Blanket

FyreWrap Marine Blanket is a totally inorganic, flexible, high-temperature insulation blanket designed to provide passive fire protection for marine applications.

Railroad Tank Car Insulation

FyreWrap Tank Car Insulation from Unifrax is a flexible, lightweight, high-temperature, fire protection insulation blanket specifically designed to meet Department of Transportation (DOT) Federal Railroad Administration thermal protection requirements for railroad tank cars carrying hazardous materials.

Silplate Insulation

Silplate Boards

Silplate boards were developed as backup applications – typically ladles or tundishes – that require a very high-strength refractory insulating material. All of the boards in the Silplate product line are inorganic, resulting in optimal fired strength. View the Tech Data Sheet

Silplate Mass-1500

Silplate Mass 1500 is a hot face coating material for use over ceramic fiber modules, castables and refractory bricks manufactured from the combination of high temperature fibrous materials and sintered high-purity, refractory oxides. View the Tech Data Sheet

Vacuum Formed Shapes

Burner Blocks

With tooling design and CNC capabilities, Chiz Bros. can offer customized vaccuum-formed burner blocks that are lightweight, complement ceramic fiber linings, and save energy.

Cones & Sleeves

Utilized heavily in the steel and aluminum industries, these shapes offer a long life while contributing to energy savings. These also include: pouring spouts, troughs, shrouds, and more.

Custom Vacuum Formed Shapes

With CNC capabilities and custom tooling, Chiz Bros can design vacuum-formed pieces for any custom application.

Roll Seals

Designed for the steel industry, vacuum-formed roll seals are much lighter than castable alternatives, while simultaneously offering better thermal characteristics.

Skid Pipe Insulation

A crucial piece in the steel-making process, skid pipe insulation has long been produced through precast refractory pieces. Chiz Bros. offers the ability to increase energy savings through innovative vacuum-formed pieces that hold up during the steel-making process.