Refractory & High Temperature Insulation Specialists

Project Management

At Chiz Bros., our team of refractory experts, engineers and project managers can work with your team to develop the ideal solution for your furnace application by taking your project from the bidding stage to completion and acceptance.

As a one-stop shop, our services include providing detailed drawings, supervision, material supply and delivery, project review and installation instructions.  Because every furnace application is unique, we can draw upon our breadth and depth of experience to reference prior jobs and ensure that yours goes as smoothly as possible.

The wide range of applications for which we conceive and manage projects includes:

  • Aluminum Melting Furnaces
  • Ceramic Kilns
  • Forging & Heat-Treating Furnaces
  • Steel Continuous Galvanizing Lines (CGL)
  • Tempering Lines
  • Walking Beam and Roller Hearth Furnaces

If your application isn’t listed above, let us know about your specific requirements, and we’ll tell you how we can help.

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